Lava Rock Pumice Stones 2 Pack

Lava Rock Pumice Stones 2 Pack

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Pesky dry skin and callouses? In need of a mani/pedi? Our natural lava rock pumice stones are proven to exfoliate and buff away dead, dry patches revealing beautiful, supple skin underneath! Sharing a pumice stone with someone else is nasty, so we created a handy 2 pack so you can have one for yourself and one to gift!


  • Helps to remove corn and callouses
  • Exfoliates
  • Helps to improve circulation

How to Use:

Wet pumice stone under warm water prior to each use. For best results, soak area of skin you wish to treat beforehand. Never use a dry pumice stone on your body.

Gently buff away unwanted dead skin and callouses by rubbing the pumice stone in an even, circular motion. Discontinue use if you feel pain or the area looks irritated. Listen to the cues of your body to tell you how long you should massage and how much pressure to apply.